1) Click on "ORDER NOW" button above.  (Link is also available at bottom of page)

2) Look at detailed sizing information on the link and measurements to determine what sizes you will want to order.

3) Determine how many jerseys, extra items, sizes …you will be ordering.
NOTE: Ron requests that each shooter must have a minimum of 2 jerseys (at least one of each color, sleeve length of your choice)

4) ORDER ONLINE WITH LINK PROVIDED – You will first determine how many long and short sleeve jerseys you will order for your family and put that number into the # items box, then start ordering.  Parents- you can leave first name blank in that field if you only want last name on your jersey.  Team members need first and last name on their jerseys.  After you have entered all of your jerseys – you can then add in extra items like neck gator and hoodies.  Important NOTE: PLEASE SPECIFY ALL THE HOODIE SIZES IN THE ADDITIONAL COMMENTS !!

5) IF YOU WISH TO ORDER BOTH COLORS OF JERSEYS, PLEASE SPECIFY IN THE ADDITIONAL NOTES SECTION! You may only "select" one design per order, so note how many of each you would like!

5) Watch your email for a "draft" to approve. This may take a week or more. Orders are not complete until the drafts are approved! All of your orders will then be shipped directly to you in 3-4 weeks of the date that you purchase.  

Short Sleeve Crew Neck Jersey: $55
Long Sleeve Crew Neck Jersey: $63
Hoodie: $79
GATOR: $25
* Doesn’t include $5 charge for name


Link to order: